Kentucky Attorney For Medicare And Medicaid Compliance/Fraud And Abuse

Health care is a highly regulated business, especially when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. Practices that would be allowed in other business sectors are not allowed in healthcare due to potential overuse of and overcharging for medical services.

I am attorney Tricia Shackelford. With more than 20 years of healthcare law experience, I can help your business comply with Medicare and Medicaid rules. I can also defend your business and you personally if you are accused of fraud or abuse. From my law office in Lexington, I represent healthcare providers throughout Kentucky.

The following are examples of the types of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues that I handle:

  • General False Claims and Fraud Investigations
  • Federal and State Criminal and Civil Fraud Litigation
  • Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Federal False Claims Act and Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act
  • Office of Inspector and Centers for Medicare and Medical Services Advisory Opinions
  • Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Devices
  • Private Payer/Medicare/Medicaid Compliance
  • Medicare and Medicaid Audits
  • Billing and Coding Compliance
  • Provider Enrollment and Certification
  • Physician Incentives, including e-Prescribing and Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives
  • Reporting under Medicare, Medicaid and KCHIP

The cost of violating Medicaid or Medicare rules can be extremely high. You could be indicted, lose your medical license and serve a prison sentence simply because you were unaware of the rules. Seek legal advice from a competent lawyer before you do anything that could put your medical practice, your reputation and your future at risk.

Is Your Business Under Investigation?

If your business is under investigation, contact me before you talk to investigators or allow them into your business. I have developed a protocol for government investigations that will protect your medical files and your legal rights.

For More Information About Medicare And Medicaid Compliance

For an in-depth discussion regarding Medicare and Medicaid law, call 866-578-9478 or complete my simple contact form to schedule an appointment.