Health Care Information Technology And Telecommunications Counsel

The nexus between technology and healthcare is rapidly becoming one of the key opportunities and challenges facing providers today. At Shackelford Law Office, PLLC, I regularly represent clients in the procurement, acquisition and management of information technology (IT) and telecommunications products and services, IT and business process outsourcing, and discovery solutions. From my law office in Lexington, I represent healthcare providers throughout Kentucky.

Every healthcare provider today faces the difficulty of managing information and responding to discovery in a world of ever-expanding electronically generated information. Privacy and security requirements complicate the matter, often competing with legal obligations to identify, preserve and produce information in response to demands for information, whether such demands pertain to litigation, regulatory requirements or internal investigations.

I commonly help clients as they navigate the complete information life cycle, from record creation through discovery responses. I work with clients to create practical, business-oriented solutions to the challenges relating to record retention, discovery readiness and discovery response.

  • Telemedicine Licensure
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Acquisition of Equipment
  • Licensing of Software
  • Licensing of Cloud Computing Applications and Platforms
  • Telecommunications Products, Services and Network Agreements
  • IT Outsourcing Agreements
  • Social Media Policies and Practices
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Consultation on Vendor Selection and Implementation
  • Negotiation of Vendor Agreements
  • Training on Proper Documentation
  • Prelitigation Services (including Electronic Discovery)
  • Health Care Information Technology and Discovery Solutions
  • IT Vendor Review
  • Protecting Patient Data From Theft

Protecting your medical records is key to your success as a heath care business. Mistakes such as choosing the wrong vendor or failing to protect patient data can be extremely costly. As your lawyer, I can help you put mechanisms and protocols in place to ensure that your data is secure.

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